“I have been in the contract/consultant world for over 15 years both as a consultant and a hiring manager, and I can say unequivocally that Becky is the most energetic, positive, knowledgeable and competent Account Executive I have ever worked with. She does what it takes to make the staffing experience fantastic. She works with her consultants and customers to make sure the experience is positive for both sides, and when there are issues, she is capable and able to do the dirty work needed. 

Becky takes her job as Account Executive very seriously and brings the knowledge hiring managers need to satisfy the needs of the department. Becky reacts quickly and is decisive and aware of situations which makes her so valuable as a partner to any firm she works with.  

I have worked with Becky for a year now and she has delivered for me four times, which makes her my go to Account Executive. My recommendation is that you should not miss the opportunity to work with Becky, she will help partner with you and get you the solution you are looking for!”  – Mark T.

Sr. Project Manager, Professional Services Company